Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Second year identity project - Pest Control Company...Efficient Solutions aka Effion

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Web Design Rationale
Web design has been pretty interesting, i've enjoyed it for the most part and feel fairly confident with the programs. The first half of the project was a bit stressful with everything that could wrong actually going wrong and destroying all of my work.
I started off by making Illustrator files which were then modified in Fireworks and finally the whole thing was brought together in Dreamweaver. Illustrator was very simple to use as I was already accustomed with it. Fireworks raised a few problems but ultimately was a easy ride to complete my rollovers and change a few things. Dreamweaver and uploading to the web was where the problems arose, when I tried changing some of my HTML's in fireworks etc they weren't working in Dreamweaver and kept messing up my website. The links were easy to set up and the site was simple enough to set up following Thomas' video.
Ultimately The only way things started working was when I started to work from my laptop at home rather than the computers at Uni. My dreamweaver had crashed at uni and was rendered inoperable therefore not creating a site. I rectified this problem very easily however once I was on my laptop and my site was soon up and running. Apart from a few changes that brought up some issues last night everything has been running smoothly and I am overall extremely happy with my site. I also feel very confident in being able to edit my webspace from now on and feel as though it is a good reflection of the work I have put into it over the past 6 weeks.
I've changed my index page as well, added an extra rollover on the iainthompson:design part which flashes all of the links up to make it a bit more user friendly!

Changed a couple of pages, i didn't like my sketches page or profile page, uploaded them finally but messed up my website completely so took about 3-4 hours getting it back online and working and barely different than it was in the first place. The wonders of web design...

Thursday, 22 October 2009

WEBSITE IS ONLINE!!!! finally done it on my mac rather than the uni ones which crashed every chance they got!!!!!! check it out :D

Sunday, 11 October 2009

A few of my Finalish Designs, not sure on the Contact page design though, looks a bit crap compared to the rest of the pages. Also not completely mind made up on the profile page, thoughts?